Animals and humans respond in one of three ways when exposed to an immediate danger. One is to act. It may be to flee – take to their feet and run away. However, that is not always, how we react. Perhaps our subconscious evaluates the threat and decides it is not worth the effort and we freeze, or we turn around and fight…  

If we do not flee or fight, we freeze

The body’s muscles lock, and we are frozen. It’s not always just the muscles; sometimes it’s also the brain that shuts down.

When the danger passes, sometimes we say, “What happened?” and experience momentary memory loss. The experience makes an impression on us, and both our body and brain are flabbergasted. When the experience sinks in, we do what we can to shake it off. We try to move past it by telling others about the experience or physically try to shake ourselves back into reality as if we need to shake our ruffled feathers back into place. We need a hug, a run, a hot bath – anything that can get let go of the tension.

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