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Being intimate and sexually active is very much the glue in a relationship. It is essential to maintain, refine, invest, and find a solution that matches both of your needs, desires, and wishes.

As a couple, you might have different definitions of what is pleasurable in a sexual encounter and what it gives you. Although the ingredients might be different, the mixture of the two definitions becomes what connects you. In a relationship where one party experiences pain or difficulties related to sexuality, it is obviously a challenge to find an approach that suits both parties. Research shows that a good sex life keeps relationships healthier, so it makes sense to aim for a solution with the right elements so that both of you have a say. Whether the relationship is healthy because the partners can find a mutual solution or if it is the contact in itself is not to be said here. Probably both.

Your challenge as a couple is to reach a common understanding of how to find your intimacy. 

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