When Love Hurts focuses on the long term aftermath of sexual assault and how it can impact your sexuality later in life. If you have recently experienced a sexual assault, you must first speak to your doctor and to those who can help you come to terms with your experience.

This section can assist you, when you have healed enough to start thinking about connecting with your sexuality once again and experiencing sexual relationships. 



Sexual assault is an umbrella term for unwanted sexual contact between two or more individuals. You might be uncertain whether you consider your experience a sexual assault or not. Maybe you were not able to say no, maybe you don’t remember, maybe it is to painful to think about.  Maybe you knew or trusted the person, who […]


When Love Hurts focuses on causes of sexual pain and will therefore address this specific consequence of sexual assault. Other aspects of your life may be affected by a sexual assault and therefore it is important that you seek help in multiple places in order to address all aspects you may need help with. In […]