Pain is a fickle friend. It will inform that something is not right, but it is not always backed up. It might be damaged nerves misinforming or the brain misinterpreting messeges. Some people can easily get a diagnosis or an explanation for what is causing their pain, while others struggle in the dark. In this section, you will find information on pain, and tips on how to get a diagnosis – if possible.

Vulva & Vaginal Profile

This questionnaire is done for you to get a better picture of your pain. Share your answers with your general practitioner and together you can find an explanation for your symptoms.  Please use the numbers 0-5 to mark your answers to each question relevant to you.   0 = Not at all    ||  1 […]

Tracing my pain

By pinpointing where your pain or discomfort is located, you can get closer to the cause of your problem. It might not be an easy puzzle to find. It is always your doctor’s job to find a diagnosis. This section has been made for you to prepare for your meeting with the doctor. It is […]


Contact your general practitioner and ask to have an initial conversation about your pelvic discomfort. In Denmark your physician is your gatekeeper to further help. Why VISIT THE DOCTOR? Regardless what is written on this website it will be your doctor recommending treatment and make a diagnosis. Consider what you want from your visit. Your general […]


A little basic information about pain: Nociceptive pain is when the nerve picks up a signal and tranports that signal to the central nervous system. The signal may contain information about a tear in skin or tissue, sores, dryness, infection or inflammation. Common to nociceptive pain is that it often responds well to painkillers. The pain […]


20% of the women, who have answered our questionnaire. “When Love Hurts“, do not have a diagnosis for why they have discomfort or pain – whether in the abdomen, pelvic or genital area. It can be frustrating to live with pain and discomfort not knowing what is wrong, or when the situation will improve. Many report […]

Deal with Pain

Dealing successfully with chronic pain often requires more that one treatment approach. The order and form to use is very individual. There seldom is a quick fix, and for some the end result will be coping with pain. Here is a list of elements for dealing with chronic pain – they are not in a specific order and […]