Contact your general practitioner and ask to have an initial conversation about your pelvic discomfort.

In Denmark your physician is your gatekeeper to further help.


Regardless what is written on this website it will be your doctor recommending treatment and make a diagnosis.

Consider what you want from your visit. Your general practitioner (GP) can offer general knowledge and different tests. Pelvic and abdominal issues are not the easiest to diagnose. The more you know, the better the chances are for the right help and diagnosis.

It is important that you relate to how you feel and it is important the doctor understands this. The more confidence you built up before you go to the doctor, the better.

What is you purpose with the doctors appointment?

  1. Do you want the physician’s assessment of what is wrong?
  2. Do you want specific tests?
  3. Would you like to get referrals to a different part of the healthcare system?

If you want the doctor’s assessment of what can be wrong, help yourself by reading these sections. 

Prepare Your visit 

We have made a thorough pain-questionnaire for you to answer before visiting the general practitioner. Some questions might not be relevante for you, some probably will. Go through the answers with your GP and hopefully you will get closer to a diagnosis. If your doctor is not interested in your questionnaire it still may help you reflect over your pain picture before going. 


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