When Love Hurts is developed and supported by Props & Pearls, a social-economic enterprise based on Nikolaj Plads no. 23 in Copenhagen, Denmark – founded and owned by Birgitte Baht and Rosemarie Wedell-Wedellsborg i 2005. Since, Props & Pearls has been a women’s healthcare lounge, shop and online portal –

Props & Pearls was founded to serve women dealing with issues such as breast cancer, gynecologic cancer, incontinence or weak pelvic floor. Women who daily deal with the side effects and consequences of these afflictions.

The many encounters at the Props & Pearls boutique as well as the Props & Pearls online store – have given us an insight into these women’s needs, as well as a knowledge of how best to approach and help them on their journey.  

Props & Pearls is a bridge between women and the healthcare system. The primary mission is to create social value and innovation within the field of women’s health.

When Love Hurts is designed and developed by Rosemarie Wedell-Wedellsborg (Cand. Scient San. Publ.) with significant aid from:

Chelsea Lennox, a bright, insightful and charming young American woman soon to finish Public Health at Boston University. Chelsea has co-developed and created the content and structure of When Love Hurts as a volunteer. We are her much in-debt.

Jeanett Knipschildt, a brilliant and skilful graphic designer, now placed in New York, has amongst other work donated the When Love Hurts logo.

Bolette Jallov, a wise and thorough sparring partner. Assignments have included translation, editorial and proofreading. She has inspired and contributed immensely.

Mediaware has provided the digital advisory, strategy and implementation of When Love Hurts. A creative, fun and very smooth process. We recommend 🙂

When Love Hurts is written in Danish and English to make the site accessible to Danes regardless of their ability to speak Danish.