How we form scar tissue and how it might affect us sexually is a very individual experience. Some scars heal so well that all you see is a thin, almost invisible line.  Others form a hard and inelastic twine that can extend into the body and adhere to inner tissues and organs and cause sexual difficulties.  Scar tissue can also occure in connection with inflammation and infections.  Scar tissue can be situated on the outside of the skin, but it can also be apparent inside the vagina or between tissue and organs. Scar tissue in the vagina may result in a narrowed, diminished or closed vagina.


Scar tissue can appear after an injury to the skin or tissue. To protect the fragile area the body ties strong bonds, almost like sewing thread. The area might suffer lack of blood circulation and contain blocked nerves. The result might be hard, tight and painful tissue causing pain i.e. sexual pain.  Is the scar … Continue reading DO I HAVE SCAR TISSUE?


External scarring can result in tightness and pain. The discomfort can get worse when the skin in the area is stretched or touched, as it is during intercourse. Internal scars often present themselves as cramping internal pain. If the inner scar tissue is made of stings wiring tissue or organs, and if these strings break, it … Continue reading I HAVE SCAR TISSUE