Take Care

The more you know, the better you can care for yourself. When Love Hurts advocates for you to routinely examine yourself. When you know what you look like, you notice a change much sooner. We might sound like old hippies from the 70s, although we are not that old, we do strongly believe it is the only way. Get that mirror, it is your body, be familiar with it.  

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Your body is an essential part of who you are. If you only leave gynaecological examinations to your doctor, you will not notice the little differences you develop in your body or be able to provide full care and consideration for yourself and your health.   CHECK YOURSELF FOR CHANGES If you are menstruating, check yourself within … Continue reading GENITAL SELF-EXAM


Genitals come in countless shapes, sizes, and colours. Only Barbies have identical, mass-produced pelvises. Women’s vulvas are as different as faces. Yours is unique to you, just like a face or a fingerprint. Do you know what your vulva looks like?   Since women have started removing their genital hair, awareness have raised on the appearance … Continue reading KNOW YOUR GENITALS