Becoming and being pregnant can be hard enough in itself, but when you add painful sex or other pelvic issues, your situation suddenly becomes much more complicated. 

There can be many reasons why it is difficult. For some, sex is painful or impossible, so the simple act of becoming pregnant is a challenge on its own.  Others harbor anxiety and fears about the idea of labor and giving birth. 

Whatever your pregnancy concern is, there is help, support, and resources available to aid you on your journey. And you ar not alone.


First of all: the better you know yourself, the more likely you are to get pregnant. When intercourse is not a possibility, there are some other options. CHART YOUR CYCLE If you have a regular menstrual cycle, you will know when it starts and ends.  About midway through, you will be ovulating.   Ovulation is the period where your ovaries … Continue reading HOW CAN I GET PREGNANT?


It is entirely understandable if you may experience anxiety or flat-out fear over labour and the birthing process. We believe you can overcome this fear. Look at the following and see if anything might help you a bit on your way. Is it possible for you to trace your fear? Knowing what is keeping you from relaxing might help … Continue reading ANXIETY GIVE BIRTH