About When Love Hurts



  • experience inexplicable affliction or pain in relation to sexual activity, gynaecological examination or intercourse but is unaware of why
  • have a diagnosis of the discomfort/pain you feel in connection with sexual activity, intercourse, or gynaecological examination
  • may have seen the doctor but did not receive a satisfying answer or diagnosis
  • want to read about the relation between a diagnose and sexual issues 
  • long for inspiration to get your love life on the right track
  • consider talking to the doctor or those closest to you, but you do not know how to express your problem
  • feel isolated and want to know, if there are others who experience the same as you

When Love Hurts cannot give you a diagnosis or recommend treatment. It is up to your doctor to do this. However, on this website, you may find:

  • information about pain, where it sits, what it might imply and how to prepare your meeting with your doctor (Why pelvic pain?)
  • provide knowledge about a specific diagnosis and sexuality (Diagnoses
  • tools that can help you better cope with the situation you are in (Manage) p)
  • inspiration for your sex life with or without a partner (The Love Bit)
  • When Love Hurts is made by Props & Pearls, based on Nikolaj Plads in the centre of Copenhagen, Denmark.

In the Props & Pearls boutique, many women have received a helping hand in their struggles with pelvic pain and other sexual afflictions, as they find their way either to; live with or resolve their issues. We wish to share what we have learned with you. 

When Love Hurts membership is 3 dollar a month. The money is used to maintain and if possible to expand. Please write if there are areas you miss.

Everything about your treatment and diagnosis you must discuss with your doctor.