Experiencing pelvic pain can be difficult and make you anxious. Too many women do not know that vaginismus can be a disorder. They live in ignorance about what causes their pain and anxiety related to sex. Vaginismus is a condition that silently affects a large number of women all over the world. The good news is that it is mostly treatable, curable and no dangerous ailment, however painful and bothersome.


Vaginismus is the tightening of muscles around the vagina, making penetration painful or impossible. The muscles in the pelvic floor, around the vagina, will involuntarily tighten, possibly to spare you from pain or a possible threat of pain. You do not control the tightness of these muscles. It is merely a reflex.  Symptoms & signs … Continue reading DO I HAVE VAGINISMUS?


Vaginismus involves both nerves and muscles. It can be a little complicated to understand why and how the muscles in the pelvic floor react, so this is how we at When Love Hurts have come to understand vaginismus: vaginismus, NERVES & MUSCLES  The nerves Just like when a doctor tests your knee’s response and your leg automatically kicks, … Continue reading I HAVE VAGINISMUS