Hvordan kan jeg blive gravid


First of all: the better you know yourself, the more likely you are to get pregnant. When intercourse is not a possibility, there are some other options.


If you have a regular menstrual cycle, you will know when it starts and ends.  About midway through, you will be ovulating.   Ovulation is the period where your ovaries release an egg, and you are most likely to be able to conceive.

  • See the first day of your period to be Day 1
  • Count the days until your next period.  The day your next period starts will be Day 1 again
  • Track your cycle for a few months, since it can vary
  • Women typical ovulate 12 days after the start of their period.  This will change from woman to woman, taking into consideration the length of their period
  • For roughly six days, you will have a higher chance of becoming pregnant thanks to your ovulation!

For more tips on how to chart your cycle, visit here.


12-24 hours after the start of ovulation, your basal body temperature (BBT) raises by 0.2-0-5 degree – this gives you an idea of when in your cycle you are most likely to become pregnant. Take your temperature every morning at the same time while still lying in bed, after having had a regular, low-stress night. Drinking alcohol, stress, and other factors can influence your temperature measurements. You need a basal body thermometer; a standard fever thermometer will not be accurate enough. 


Use an ovulation predictor kit. Similar to a pregnancy test, it is a stick, which you urinate on in the morning. It will measure your amount of luteinizing hormone (LH is the hormone that makes the eggs ready to be released from the ovaries) which rises about 24-36 hours before ovulation.  This will help you to get a better picture of when you ovulate and when you are more likely to become pregnant.


Right after menstruation, your vaginal and cervical fluid will change. In the beginning, it may seem sticky and clear, or even a little dry.  Then suddenly, it becomes slippery and stretchy, like a raw egg white. This suggests that your ovulation is about to start! Having self-inspected for a while, you will know much more concerning when the timing is right and conceiving is most likely to happen.


If penetration is not an option, you can try self-examination. Start to work on touching yourself. Some find it easier to be the one in control, rather than having someone else administer the semen. Like taking out a splinter, it’s easier on your own rather than having someone else do it.  It may be less uncomfortable for you.

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