seksuel nydelse


Who am I?

Perhaps you already know what gives you sexual pleasure and how to find your lust, but you might still be surprised. Sex and pleasure are about continuously being curious and willing to play.

Mapping of stimulation points to find your lust

Print this map of your body. Mark numbers on the body map:



  • where you like to be touched
  • in what order
  • how do you want that area to be touched

It is good to reflect on what you like and how you like to be stimulated. It helps you to focus on what makes you feel good and thus where opportunities lie for sex without pain.  

Where and how

Where and how you want sexual contact is controlled by e.g.:

  • preferences (inherited, cultural and individual)
  • location of nerves
  • whether the nerves are connected to the parts of the brain that produce the sexual reward
  • the number of nerves in the spot
  • the individual’s sensitivity
  • the variation in contact

The body’s many erogenous zones

If you spend time and use your curiosity, you can find and develop your erogenous zones. They are often found where the skin is thin and where there are many nerve endings in one place.

Have you considered whether the following zones are erogenous for you?

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